Cleaning brass: the definitive guide and mistakes to avoid

Among the many advantages of brass, the ease of cleaning stands out . A highly sought-after feature, which makes brass ideal for domestic environments and large commercial spaces and which allows you to avoid often uncomfortable maneuvers and, as we will see shortly, the purchase of expensive detergents.

But how to clean brass in a few simple steps ? Follow our guide, written with the support of our skilled craftsmen, and enjoy the eternal beauty of brass!

How to clean brass: practical guide

When cleaning brass, the first question to clarify is whether the brass has been painted or not .

Usually the brass items found on the market are covered with a layer of glossy or opaque transparent varnish which serves to protect the artefact and to keep the beauty and brilliance of the brass intact for longer as well as its original appearance obtained following the processing. However, it is common to also sell unpainted brass products .

art deco statuette of a woman in high quality brass - detail

In both cases, brass is destined to " age " over the years, that is, to acquire that typical vintage appearance which makes it even more fascinating, and specifically sought after by many clients. The transparent varnish has the function of preserving the shine of the brass by slowing down the normal process, and of delaying the emergence of the classic shades with an antique flavor over time; On the other hand, unpainted brass products age according to their natural rhythm.

Let's now see how to clean painted and unpainted brass .

Clean and polish the painted brass

Cleaning painted brass - i.e. enriched with a protective layer of transparent varnish - is very simple and requires only the use of a soft, dry cloth , without the use of detergents. The indications we provide in our technical data sheets are as follows:

  • Use only a soft, dry, lint-free cloth
  • Avoid abrasive cloths, towels, paper towels or other similar items
  • Avoid rubbing the surfaces excessively to avoid damaging the product
  • Do not use sprays, detergents, alcohol, bleach or abrasives

In this way the dust will be effectively removed, without risking ruining the brass article.

We strongly advise against the use of chemical agents: in fact, they can cause accidental removal of the transparent varnish layer, creating a visual detachment and causing the product to lose homogeneity, irremediably compromising its aesthetics. Also pay attention to the use of vinegar, lemon, salt, bicarbonate and other "grandmother's remedies".

brass bankers lamp handmade by our craftsmen

Clean and polish unpainted brass

Cleaning and polishing unpainted brass objects requires a completely different operation.

In this case, you can in fact use specific detergents for metals with a creamy consistency such as Sidol , which allows you to remove dirt and oxide without scratching the surface. This type of detergent is usually poured onto a cloth to pass over the surface, which must then be dried with another clean cloth.

For all the information, consult the instructions on the packaging in detail, and possibly request advice from the retailer or manufacturing company.

Clean brass safely

To clean brass objects - whether painted or not - placed high up such as chandeliers, pendant lamps, wall lamps, we suggest organizing yourself so as to carry out the operations in total safety. In the case of objects that are difficult to reach, it is better to ask for support from a family member or colleague.

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Historic Brescia company specialized in the artisanal creation of lighting products , bathroom accessories and pull handles , Ghidini 1849's offering consists of products finished with glossy or matt transparent varnish. This maintains the original design for longer, and also guarantees considerable ease of cleaning operations and savings on maintenance costs.

We remind you that all our products are handmade upon receipt of the order in our factory in the province of Brescia. Production and shipping times are variable and can be consulted on each product page.