Illuminate a bathroom without windows? A few moves for a surprising result

When you buy or rent a home, you sometimes find yourself dealing with a bathroom without windows . A room that never fails to raise doubts, yet easy to transform into a warm and welcoming place to the point of becoming a strong point of the home: just implement the right precautions.

Bathroom lighting without windows - 5 tips to make it bright and welcoming

One of the characteristics is that it has no windows and therefore no natural light , which must therefore be compensated by adequate lighting sources.

From LED spotlights to ceiling lights, from wall lamps to chandeliers, there are many solutions available: starting from the analysis of the intended use - many people use the bathroom without windows as a service bathroom and laundry - today it is in fact possible to confer the right atmosphere in a few simple steps. We have selected 5 of them.

1) False ceiling with colored spotlights

When renovating older houses, the ceilings can be very high, well above the heights defined by today's regulations, or have loose and uneven plaster . In this case the most immediate and functional way is to install a false ceiling with the insertion of LED spotlights .

And here a world of possibilities opens up: dimmable and RGB recessed LED spotlights can be managed both through traditional light switches and via remote controls that allow you to increase or reduce brightness, change color and create plays of light, giving life to a real and its own chromotherapy ! A modern idea to relax in the shower and surprise guests.

2) Ceiling light

Discreet and elegant, the ceiling light can be positioned in the center of the ceiling to uniformly illuminate the entire room. When choosing the ceiling light, it all depends on personal taste: from minimal ceiling lights to square ceiling lights , from brass ceiling lights to industrial style ceiling lights , you can really indulge yourself!

Made in Italy brass ceiling light, handmade by the artisans of Ghidini 1849

3) Classic style chandelier or pendant lamp

As an alternative to the ceiling light, you can install a classic chandelier or a pendant lamp , both available in a wide variety of styles and materials. Especially in the case of high ceilings, they will be able to furnish with a touch of expressiveness, without interfering with the view or hindering movement.

4) Applique

Depending on the shape of the bathroom without windows, you can also opt for wall lights, to be placed on the walls or above the mirror. With a traditional but always pleasant feel, the wall lights are also available with adjustable joints, offering the possibility of being directed when necessary .

Choose your favorite type of Made in Italy brass designer wall light .

Made in Italy high quality brass wall light

5) Glass block, fixed glass or glass door

This last solution requires more complex interventions, but which can lead to a truly surprising result. We are talking about glass block or fixed glass , to be mounted to replace a portion of the wall; in this case you must first make sure that this is permitted by the building regulations in force. Alternatively or in synergy, you can think of installing a frosted glass door , an idea that does not require particular technical requirements and helps to make the environment brighter by letting natural light penetrate.

In addition to exploring various lighting solutions, we suggest paying the utmost attention to the choice of furnishing colours : it is preferable to prefer colors in light shades such as white, cream, beige, which together with the light sources will be able to enhance the brightness of the room without windows.

And your windowless bathroom is ready to welcome you and your guests!

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