Hotel lobby lighting, what types and styles? Some ideas

“ There is never a second chance to make a good first impression ,” said Oscar Wilde. 

An aphorism that perfectly embodies the spirit of today's hospitality structures , where we are well aware of the importance of the first glance and the need to implement concrete and well-studied actions to make the environments comfortable , elegant and capable of generate a great first impression.

Customer expectations are in fact increasingly higher: not only in the business world, but also in the private and family world, where many people are willing to spend more money just to stay in a hotel that offers hospitality and attention to detail own distinctive features. 

lighting solutions for hotel lobbies

The hotel lobby is the space in which the signs of competently managed hospitality are first perceived and stored, and where patrons are led to make - even implicitly - their first evaluations. Let's see how lighting can help give the hall a professional and pleasant appearance.

Hotel lobby lighting and energy saving, a possible dyad

First of all, let's think about the fact that the lighting of hotel lobbies today cannot ignore the concept of energy saving . 

A hospitality facility is faced with huge expenses, and it is therefore a good idea for those responsible for it to think about suitable solutions to reduce waste . We are not just talking about LEDs, which are now widespread everywhere, but also, for example, about smart or home automation management that allows you to set customizable scenarios (for example, automatically turning off part of the lighting sources at a pre-established evening time), or about careful lighting design study involving a smaller number of lamps and chandeliers, but positioned in a strategic and more efficient way.

The theme of energy saving goes beyond the issue of high bills: it is the duty of each of us to commit ourselves to making the places where we live and work increasingly sustainable and geared towards a rational use of resources.

Lamps and chandeliers for hotel halls: the right idea for every style

When you are called to review the lighting systems of the hall of a hospitality facility, how do you organize yourself with regards to style and aesthetics?

To illuminate in a high-performance way - and pleasing to the eye! - the hall of a hotel it is first necessary to study the spaces , their shape, the natural light, the furniture. A very delicate analysis which is recommended to be entrusted to competent professionals in the field of light design, architecture and furniture, and which if conducted in an excellent manner can truly lead to brilliant results.

Our company offers various lighting solutions for hotel lobbies in solid brass that are well suited to a variety of tastes and visual languages. We show you the most popular ones.

"Armonia" Collection

Ideal for contemporary style environments , the "Armonia" collection is made up of minimal-looking wall lights and designer wall lights from 2 to 6 tubes. All items are available in different finishes.

designer wall light in solid brass in contemporary style for hotel lobbies

Discover the “Armonia” collection

“Luigi XV” Collection

This line goes perfectly with hotel lobbies furnished in a classic style , and includes multiple types of lighting sources designed to be positioned in different points of the hall, creating continuity and balance . 

suspended brass chandelier in classic and art nouveau style for hotel halls

From the wall lamps to the floral suspended chandelier, from the table lamp to the floor lamp, each item is designed according to the best aesthetic criteria of Art Nouveau and Art Decò, helping to raise the status of the spaces in which it is positioned. 

The products in this collection can also be made in different finishes.

Discover the “Luigi XV” collection

Contract lighting for hotels: contact us without obligation!

Ghidini 1849 is happy to collaborate with hotels and accommodation facilities for the supply of fine Made in Italy lighting systems in solid brass . All items are created and finished by hand by our craftsmen. Processing times are indicated in each product sheet.

For any questions and for information on orders consisting of multiple pieces, contact us without obligation .

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