Glass and brass bathroom shelves between beauty and functionality

When setting up a bathroom, whether in a private home or a hotel room, one of the aspects to take into consideration is that of the storage shelf . 

Nowadays, the need to constantly have beauty and personal hygiene products at hand is deeply rooted in men, women and children. And drawers do not always represent the ideal solution for this purpose: from toothbrush and toothpaste to deodorant, from creams to hair accessories, many people find it more convenient to have their "must have" items available on the sink surface or on a shelf, thus being able to use and put them away with very few moves. 

Regardless of the size of the room, today there are bathroom shelves and shelves of any style and material, which in addition to furnishing exploit the verticality of the environment by creating very useful and above all multifunctional support points. Here is another case - which we have mentioned several times in our blog - where practicality and aesthetics can easily coexist , for accessories that help make your home or accommodation facility more welcoming, rational and at the same time pleasing to the eye. 

Handcrafted shelf in tempered glass and brass for bathrooms Made in Italy

Let's see together some ideas of bathroom shelves and storage shelves in glass and brass .

Glass and brass bathroom shelves, functionality and beauty for your spaces

We all agree on one thing: bathroom shelves must be spacious , comfortable to use and particularly resistant . In an environment where humidity is the order of the day, it is therefore essential to choose shelves and shelves made with durable and unalterable materials. 

Among these, glass and brass undoubtedly represent the most intelligent choices: their characteristics of stability, ductility and ease of cleaning are well known. Another advantage is the fact that both do not undergo temperature changes, keeping their performance and shapes unchanged over time. Indeed, brass becomes more and more interesting from an aesthetic point of view, acquiring over the years a vintage look which confirms its quality.

Both glass and brass are also characterized by their antibacterial properties , which are very important in an area where hygiene and cleanliness are in force.

Glass and brass shelves for the bathroom: some ideas

Our company creates glass bathroom shelves with solid brass details , all rigorously handmade by our skilled craftsmen. An offer that stands out for the profound attention to the decorative contribution, for the wide variety of styles - art deco, art nouveau, rustic, contemporary - and for the different finishes such as bronzed satin brass, antique brass, chrome and gold plated 24k, thus managing to give substance to the desires of a clientele ranging from families to architects, from interior designers to decorators of hotels and accommodation facilities. 

Among the most popular models of glass and brass bathroom shelves are:

Tempered glass bathroom shelf with solid brass details - handmade in Italy

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All our items can be purchased online and shipped to your home. Each piece is made and finished by hand in our laboratory in the province of Brescia, therefore it requires a few days of processing, explained in each product sheet.

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