Vintage brass wall light, 5 versatile and timeless models

In an increasingly varied world such as that of lighting solutions, wall lamps continue to preserve those characteristic features that have made them famous over the years. Among these, ductility stands out , i.e. the ability of wall lights to blend perfectly with a wide variety of environments, from the living room to the kitchen, from the bedroom to the bathroom.

Ideal for giving light to the room in synergy with a ceiling light point, or replacing it very well, wall lamps go far beyond the pure functional aspect: they can in fact become real decorative objects , capable of enhancing spaces and raising the status of the interiors in which they are placed. 

luxury wall light in solid brass Made in Italy

double role - practical and ornamental - which today wall lamps are called upon to fulfill in a variety of situations (domestic, commercial, in accommodation facilities...), and which can be implemented with greater success if one opts for models of excellent quality and design excellence, studied by those who have been working in the sector for years.

Let's see 5 types of luxury wall lights in solid brass Made in Italy. 

Luxury indoor brass wall light: 5 models

1) Classic style wall light in brass and industrial glass

Classic brass wall light handmade in Italy, with its elegant shapes and industrial transparent glass, it adapts perfectly to a wide range of spaces such as living rooms, bathrooms, professional studios and offices, hotel lobbies and rooms, corridors, stairs. 

Classic style wall light in brass and industrial glass created in Italy

The timeless line makes it easy to match with a wide range of colors and furnishing styles. The solid metal structure can be finished at the customer's choice in satin bronze brass or antique brass.

Classic style wall light in brass and industrial glass: see details

2) Bedside wall light with swing arm in polished brass

Very comfortable bedside wall light which, thanks to the swinging arm and minimal attention to detail, combines aesthetics and functionality, immediately giving a touch of class to the master bedroom or hotel rooms. 

An essential object for passionate readers: the two adjustable joints - one on the base and one between the two tubes - allow you to move the arm as desired, positioning it appropriately to read effortlessly and giving the environment the level of brightness that it's recommended.

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Bedside wall light with swing arm and white lampshade in polished brass - Made in Italy

The classic style white lampshade is accompanied by the metal structure finished in polished brass, for a brilliant and very chic result. 

Like all our products, this wall light can also be made in different finishes. 

Bedside wall light with swing arm in polished brass: see details

3) Giglio living room wall lamp with fabric lampshade

Living room lamp with an original design inspired by the Florentine lily, created by hand by our master craftsmen. A warm and refined solution for the walls of your home, studio, hotel or luxury restaurant, capable of embellishing the rooms thanks to the perfect combination of Italian design and very high quality brass.

Giglio living room wall light with fabric lampshade

Much appreciated by our customers, the white fabric lampshade helps to give the wall lamp an attractive appearance, and facilitates matching with different colors and furnishing styles.

Giglio living room wall light with fabric lampshade: see details

4) Industrial style adjustable brass wall light

Industrial style wall light ideal for pubs, bars, restaurants, offices but also for private spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms. A vintage touch that infuses warmth and makes the rooms stand out thanks to its impeccable 100% Italian quality, easily found in the construction details starting from the use of a single 150 mm solid brass plate. 

Industrial style solid brass adjustable wall light

Of note is the very convenient adjustable joint with a vertical inclination of 90 degrees, to direct the light according to needs.

Industrial style adjustable brass wall light: see details

5) Flexible real brass wall light in retro Stockholm style

Wall lamp with flexible tube, it is much appreciated by those who love reading books and need a resistant, elegant and easy to direct lighting system. Also ideal for those who love to enjoy their spaces in the evening with small light sources.

Flexible brass wall light in retro style Stockholm

As with all our products, this wall light can be made in various finishes based on the client's taste. 

Flexible real brass wall light in retro style Stockholm: see details

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