Italian Designer Lamps in Brass with contemporary art deco design made in Italy by Ghidini 1849 artisans

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brass lamps handcrafted in Italy by Ghidini 1849 - brass luxury lighting

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Techniques handed down from father to son
Timeless art with tradition and passion
Use of materials that last over time
Handmade in Italy since 1849

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Ghidini 1849: Luxury Brass Lamps & Italian Craftsmanship

Welcome to Ghidini 1849, where every creation embodies a story of heritage, innovation, and passion. Nestled in the heart of Italy, our mission transcends beyond crafting products; we aim to transform spaces into extraordinary environments. Our handcrafted brass items are a testament to our dedication to quality and design, blending tradition with modernity. Discover the art of Italian craftsmanship with us, where each piece is designed to inspire and captivate.

Illuminate Your Space with Ghidini 1849’s Brass Lamps

Imagine stepping into a room bathed in the warm glow of elegant lighting. At Ghidini 1849, we offer more than just light fixtures; we provide pieces of history. Our brass lighting collections, ranging from intimate table lamps to majestic chandeliers, are handcrafted in Italy using traditional methods infused with contemporary aesthetics. Each piece is designed to bring a unique and luxurious illumination to your space, creating an ambiance of sophistication and charm. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and beauty with our Italian-designed brass lighting.

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Luxurious Brass Bathroom Accessories: Where Function Meets Art

Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of luxury with Ghidini 1849’s brass bathroom accessories. Our meticulously crafted collection includes glass bathroom shelves, towel rails, robe hooks, shower arms, soap holders, toothbrush holders, toilet brushes, and brass console sinks. Each piece is made from high-quality brass, designed to complement styles from art deco to art nouveau. Our accessories embody Italian craftsmanship and timeless design, elevating your bathroom’s functionality and aesthetics.

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Brass Pull Handles: The Art of Elegance

Discover how the smallest details can make the biggest impact. At Ghidini 1849, our brass pull handles are masterpieces of style and functionality. Handcrafted from premium brass, each handle is a statement of elegance, designed to enhance any door it adorns. From intricate art nouveau designs to sleek contemporary styles, our collection suits a variety of aesthetics. Experience the durability and beauty of our Italian-designed brass pull handles, where tradition and craftsmanship meet.

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