Outdoor lighting: a guide to choosing

Outdoor lighting is an increasingly central theme in the world of outdoor and garden living . Decor, functionality, enhancement of environments: outdoor lights perform a series of tasks that go beyond aesthetics to embrace practical needs, such as energy saving and product durability.

Here is our guide to choosing the right outdoor lighting sources and successfully coping with your daily needs.

Wall lights, lamps, ceiling lights, outdoor lampposts: how to orient yourself

Sometimes confused, these terms actually indicate specific models of outdoor lighting systems:

  • Applique : lamp holder inserted in a decorative structure to be fixed to the wall;
  • Suspension lamps : in jargon often called "chandeliers", like these suspension lamps are hung from the ceiling and serve both to illuminate effectively and to embellish the rooms. Although the two categories of products are very similar, suspension lamps are hardly used as a primary lighting source, and are therefore to be understood as a reinforcing element, for example in floor lamps;
  • Ceiling lights: lighting system mounted flush with the ceiling and which can contain one or more lamps;
  • Lampposts : free standing lighting structure consisting of a vertical body and a light source.

outdoor wall light in antique brass by Ghidini 1849 - exterior design - a guide to choose the outdoor lighting

Whether you are evaluating outdoor lighting solutions for terraces, porches, gardens, gazebos, swimming pools, barbecue areas; whether your home is a large villa or a country house; that your needs are more related to practicality or design issues, you must first evaluate which lighting source best suits your spaces and satisfies your aesthetic taste .

Attention to energy saving

Limiting the consumption of electricity as much as possible is now an absolutely essential goal. For outdoor lighting, we therefore invite you to use low energy consumption LED bulbs , which are widely available both in the traditional market and on e-commerce sites in the sector.

NB: before purchasing the light bulb, always remember to check the type of attack (E27 is one of the most common).

IP abbreviation: which bulbs for outdoor environments?

Another technical feature to look out for when buying an outdoor light bulb is its IP value . Acronym for Ingress Protection or International Protection , the IP is expressed in numbers and indicates the degree of protection and resistance that the light source has towards foreign bodies or liquids.

Specifically, the first digit refers to protection from solids (on a scale of 1 to 6), while the second refers to protection from liquids (on a scale of 1 to 8). Find out more about the IP Code .

Is it possible to integrate classic outdoor lamps in a smart or home automation system?

Today, being able to control their lighting devices remotely has become an indispensable convenience for many . In fact, remote management offers enormous advantages, such as the ability to set customized scenarios optimizing costs, to remotely activate the lights in the event of an alarm being activated, to switch on the light sources while in other areas of the house. or sitting comfortably in the garden at the table with friends.

outdoor lamp posts in antique brass by Ghidini 1849 - outdoor design - a guide to choose the exterior lighting and integrate smart home with antique lamps

The integration of lights with smart and home automation systems must be examined on the basis of the type of system, however today it is particularly easy to put into practice also thanks to the voice assistants who now usually live in our homes. Here are some alternatives.

Smart bulbs

The simplest solution is to install bulbs compatible with voice assistants (Google Home, Alexa). You can operate them via voice commands, which the assistants will perceive through the relevant HUBs or smartphone apps.

Wi-Fi bulbs

Another option is to opt for wi-fi bulbs , light sources designed to connect wirelessly to the internet thanks to a special module inserted inside the connector. These bulbs can be managed traditionally or remotely, via the smartphone app.

From traditional system to home automation system

It is also possible to transform your traditional electrical system into a home automation system . In this case we suggest that you contact a qualified installer, who after careful analysis will be able to intervene on the existing system to install the components necessary to transform it into a smart system.

From traditional system to home automation system - smart home display

Classic lighting sources can be integrated into the new version of the system, for a custom-made home that can be controlled wherever you are… including lights!

Handcrafted brass outdoor lamps: choose your favorite!

Are you looking for high quality brass outdoor lamps , custom made by the Italian master craftsmen of Ghidini 1849? You are in the right place! Consult the catalog and contact us for any need: we ship all over Europe!

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