Pull handles in brass for doors. The pluses of a timeless material

How many times, having to choose important products for the home - windows, furniture, roofs - have we focused on impact aesthetics and the satisfaction of personal taste, without paying the right attention to each finish ? And yet, especially in the case of tools and accessories destined to be permanently in contact with atmospheric agents, it is precisely the details that make the difference .

This is the case of door handles , accessories that combine decoration and functionality to give an exclusive touch to your rooms and at the same time decree, depending on the quality with which they were created, the success in terms of durability and performance of the window frame itself.

Let's discover all the pluses of brass door handles , and how handcrafted handles in real brass are the turning point for giving strength and style to internal doors, external doors, entrance doors, doors for shops, hotels, offices.

brass pull handles on a wooden classic and rustic door - all the pluses of a timeless material by Ghidini 1849

Why choose brass door handles

Almost eternal duration , great malleability , resistance to corrosion . These are some of the most appreciated advantages of brass, a metal alloy obtained from copper and zinc and which, compared to other materials such as copper, has shown truly exceptional qualities over the centuries.

It is therefore easy to understand how brass lends itself magnificently to the production of pull handles for doors, but beware: the excellence of the product is achieved when the entire structure of the pull handle is made of brass . A necessary clarification, since on the market there are often handles and pull handles that in reality are only galvanized in brass , with structures composed of alloys of dubious origin certainly not comparable in terms of quality.

In summary, among the pluses of real brass door handles we find:

  • excellent durability over time
  • high resistance to hot and cold temperatures
  • they do not rust
  • great malleability, a feature that allows you to create personalized artistic motifs in the case of handmade items
  • antibacterial properties: brass is a naturally antibacterial alloy that has the ability to eliminate microorganisms.

Extremely important advantages for an accessory destined to live at the mercy of atmospheric events and to come into contact with a wide and varied user. Don't worry: real brass will respond perfectly!

brass pull handles artistic details on a white marble surface - all the pluses of a timeless material by Ghidini 1849

Brass pull handle Made in Italy: the artisan experience of Ghidini 1849

Ghidini 1849, a family business in the province of Brescia, develops and produces brass door handles according to ancient artisanal procedures handed down from father to son.

For us, quality comes first: from the entire brass structure , the Ghidini 1849 handles for doors and gates stand out for their extraordinary durability and unique artistic details made by our skilled master craftsmen. The result is door pulls with a classic style up to pull handles with floral motifs, with some items further embellished with an exclusive matt satin bronze finish that very few players in the sector boast.

The brass we use does not rust or rot over the years, and to ensure the highest levels of performance it is protected with a transparent and opaque varnish.

Buy your brass door pull now

Ideal for doors and entrance doors, doors for elegant buildings and shops, doors for hotels and representative offices, our handles in authentic brass are handmade at the time of receipt of the order and for this reason they have a delivery time that varies from 10 to 25 days from the date of purchase.

Upon request, a customized design service can be carried out . For any need contact us.