4 aspects to evaluate before buying a floor lamp

In this article we see together some tips for choosing a floor lamp that is ideal for your environment. In fact, more and more floor lamps and floor lamps fulfill roles that go far beyond the simple functional contribution, raising their status to that of elegant furnishing accessories capable of transmitting an added value to the room.

If you are considering buying a floor lamp, follow our tips!

How to choose a floor lamp: four parameters to evaluate

The first aspect to consider is the exact point where the lamp will be positioned . If you plan to place the lamp or floor lamp in a corner and let the lighting produced always be the same and indirect, a straight model is perfectly fine ; if instead you want to vary the position of the light source based on sporadic needs such as reading moments or to illuminate the dining table, and therefore you are looking for a model that offers direct light, then it could be useful to choose an articulated floor lamp with adjustable arm .

polished brass floor lamp with adjustable design and a cloth white lampshade by Ghidini 1849 in a classic living room with sofa - Buying a floor lamp: guide to choosing. How to choose a floor lamp? Four parameters to evaluate, from the experience of our master craftsmen

The second very important factor that influences the purchase decision is the style of the lamp . From floor lamps and classic floor lamps to modern and contemporary solutions, from vintage products to design items, the choice is almost infinite: for this reason it is useful to have clear ideas, and if you need to get help from an interior decorator or light designer.

The third element is the material with which the lamp is made. Whether you opt for lamps or floor lamps in brass, steel or other materials, our advice is to make sure of the construction quality and to prefer Made in Italy products with a certain origin.

The fourth and final factor to consider is that of extra features . Do you want the light to be dimmable? Do you like the idea of ​​the remote control to turn on the light at a distance, or do you dream of operating the lamp via voice commands? Are you undecided between the classic switch and the touch ignition? You will be amazed: technology takes enormous steps forward every day, and you may discover comforts you never would have thought of!

Made in Italy brass floor lamps and floor lamps: the Ghidini 1849 collection

Ghidini 1849 has been a company from Brescia for over 170 years specializing in brass processing.

For decades a point of reference in Italy and in Europe for the sector of lighting items created with this exceptional material with extraordinary durability and reliability over time, we handcraft a wide range of floor lamps and brass floor lamps in different styles ranging from classic to modern, with magnificent design artifacts, industrial, vintage, Art Deco up to the exclusive bankers floor lamp , an almost unique solution on the market.

bankers floor lamp in brass with green glass by Ghidini 1849 in a empty room with wood floor and grey wall

Handcrafted upon receipt of the order and available in different variants and finishes, our brass floor lamps are divided between fixed models and lamps with oscillating arm and adjustable in height and in different positions (forward / backward, right / left, up / down).

High quality brass floor lamps: buy online and receive at home

In our online shop you can view the complete catalog of Made in Italy brass indoor floor lamps, find the perfect model for you and choose the variant that best suits your desires and your environments.

All products are made and finished by hand in our workshop. Estimated delivery is 10-25 days from the order date. For any information contact us without obligation .