Bedside light: wall or table? Pros and cons

When it comes to choosing lights for the bedroom , one of the most common doubts is: for bedside light, is it better to opt for a wall light or table lamp, or wall or table light sources?

The decision is very personal and depends on many factors, for example the effect you want to give to the room, the comfort, the space available, the practicality of cleaning the furnishings. Let's see some suggestions to orient yourself among the different possibilities.

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Sleeping area: table lamp or sconce? Selection guide

Whether it's the bedroom of your home or the double room of a hotel , lighting plays a central role both in terms of functionality and in creating a welcoming and relaxing environment.

elegant brass wall light for bedroom

Among the most important light sources in the double bedroom are those used for reading in the evening or for moments when you want to get out of bed without disturbing others. These are products commonly referred to as "bedside lamps", in an increasing number of situations replaced by wall-mounted alternatives, usually appliques or spotlights.

But how to understand if the table lamp or the wall light is better for your needs? Here are some questions to ask yourself.

1) Light on the bedside table or on the wall: which solution is more comfortable?

In narrow environments , the light on the bedside table could be impractical and, especially if it is necessary to use small furniture, occupy a precious place that could otherwise be assigned to other objects such as glasses, books, everything needed for a sweet rest.

In these cases it is certainly preferable to take advantage of the wall above the headboard of the bed, where there is sufficient width to install appliques. If you are about to renovate your home, it is advisable to foresee the result you want to obtain well in advance, so as to be able to lay pipes and electric cables inside the wall in time, avoiding unsightly external ducts or cracks once the room is set up.

If, on the other hand, there are no size problems, table lamps are perfect: you just have to indulge yourself in choosing your favorite model, color and material!

2) Which variant is more practical in terms of maintenance and cleaning?

Another aspect to think about in time is that related to the maintenance and cleaning of the light source.

Made in Italy real brass table lamp for bedroom with fabric lampshade

The bedside light is much more convenient to dust and sanitize, and even changing the bulb will take you seconds. It is a different matter for sconces or wall lights, where - in particular for those placed high up on the wall - it may be necessary to perform a few more acrobatics. And that means dusting less frequently.

3) What emotionality do I want to give to the room?

We must then reflect on the atmosphere we want to give to the room: in fact, the outcome varies not only according to the model of lamp, but also to the exact placement of the light sources.

Wall sconces could, depending on the type, increase or dissolve the effect of intimacy and, if oriented upwards, make evening reading difficult. On the other hand, the lights on the bedside table tend to confine the illuminated area to the sides of the bed, leaving the wall above the headboard uncovered which, for example, if it is enriched by a valuable painting, could be better enhanced.

If your goal is to give a touch of style and to work on the aesthetic impact, you might be interested in one of the most loved applique models by individuals and hotels , with a swinging arm in polished brass, two adjustable joints and a classic white lampshade . A product of Italian excellence that enhances the sense of hospitality, and can also be directed as you please!

Bedside wall light with real brass swing arm and white lampshade

Bedroom: better bedside or wall light?

As we have seen, there is no single answer: a lot depends on your personal taste, how you use the space and your expectations.

What is certain is that the world of light design is constantly evolving, and those objects that once seemed indispensable, such as the classic table lamps, can today be worthily replaced by innovative and trendy solutions that overturn traditional concepts by inserting our environments a thrill of modernity.

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