Bankers lamp: origins and curiosities of a global icon

An iconic masterpiece where aesthetics and functionality are inextricably linked, giving life to a timeless product that is more than 110 years old.

We are talking about the bankers lamp, the famous desk lamp still very popular today in its most authentic nature characterized by three main elements: the brass pedestal , the translucent emerald green glass shade and the chain switch.

Bankers lamp, origins and development of a timeless icon

Also known as the "Churchill lamp", "Washington lamp" and "bankers lamp", to underline the diffusion that since its inception the object had among prominent personalities and desks of prestigious offices, the bankers lamp owes its creation to the American light designer Harrison D. McFaddin, who after filing the patent on May 11, 1909, began selling the model under the brand name Emeralite, in Italian “smeraldo”. Since then the lamp has enjoyed overwhelming success, which even led it to appear in many American films establishing itself as a real status symbol of the first half of the 20th century.

ministerial lamp - banker's lamp - notary's lamp - classic style Churchill lamp

The natural question now arises: during a long journey spanning two centuries, which aspects of its original form has the bankers lamp been able to keep intact up to the present day?

Definitely the compositional idea, to which charm and uniqueness are added . As expected in a constantly evolving world, Emeralite then revised some details of the bankers lamp over time; for example he modified its dimensions, removed the holes from the lampshade and even made the lampshade in metal instead of glass, due to the supply problems of raw materials during the Second World War.

On the other hand, the very high and continuous demand for this extraordinary lamp by the public did not change: while McFaddin's company faced serious difficulties that decreed its definitive decline, many competing companies began starting from the 1960s create their own models of bankers lamps, keeping faith with their developer's original vision.

Churchill lamp: the reasons for an overwhelming success

And here we are today, where a simple search on the Internet is enough to find dozens of models of bankers lamps at advantageous prices ready to be sent to your home. Who knows if Harrison D. McFaddin would have ever imagined all this, for the jewel he patented!

But why is the bankers lamp still so popular? What are the distinctive values that the market recognizes them?

ministerial lamp - banker's lamp - classic style Churchill lamp with brass pedestal and emerald green glass shade

In addition to the elegant aesthetics, thanks to its shape and the use of glass, the lamp guarantees a soft and well-distributed light, becoming an indispensable object for the desks of important business personalities such as bankers, notaries, accountants, lawyers, employees at law courts. Over time, the widespread diffusion of bankers lamps has been supported by the most recently introduced models, equipped with adjustable joints that offer the possibility of directing the light source as desired, making this exceptional desk lamp a trusted companion for long hours of work.

Original brass banker lamps Made in Italy

Strengthened by a long tradition of craftsmanship that has always made the beautiful and the practical an essential combination, in Ghidini 1849 we create handmade classic style bankers lamps, with a brass structure, glass lampshade with an unmistakable emerald green color and chain . Among our leading products we point out three models, all adjustable:

Made in Italy art deco brass bankers lamp, with refined curves, top quality polished brass finishes and two adjustable joints, for a 100% personalized use.

art deco brass bankers lamp Made in Italy

Churchill desk lamp in brass and Art Deco green glass, also created by hand and characterized by a straight structure and with a suspended arm adjustable through a simple manual mechanism that allows movement up and down along the tube, as well as depth direction.

art deco brass bankers lamp Made in Italy

Art Deco handcrafted double library bankers lamp, perfect for close-quarter tables in school, university and council offices and libraries. Note the extraordinary workmanship of the pedestal, the result of the manual creativity of our craftsmen.

Made in Italy handcrafted double banker lamp for library

To enrich the catalog of Churchill lamps by Ghidini 1849 additional types with white glass or with a brass structure and metal lampshade, for an offer that satisfies different tastes and furnishing styles. Most items have standard E27 lamp holders.

Handcrafted bankers lamp: request your favorite model

Like all the products of our company, the Ghidini 1849 bankers lamps are also available in different finishes, indicated in the sheet of each product, and handmade upon receipt of the order. Delivery times vary from 10-25 days to 20-35 days for OLV (polished brass) finishes.

Ghidini 1849 articles are intended both for private individuals and for professionals and shops interested in offering customers lamps, chandeliers and appliques in real brass of Italian artisan production. For any question contact us without obligation.

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