Chandeliers or pendant lamps? Tips for lighting the living area

Do you have to renovate your home and are you evaluating the optimal solution for distributing the light points? Or are you simply no longer satisfied with your spaces and want to give them a new layout? In this article we focus on the living area , with some tips for choosing the pendant lamps or dining room and living room chandeliers that best suit your needs.

Pendant lamps and chandeliers: what are the differences?

First of all, let's find out together what is the difference between pendant lamps and chandeliers.

We specify that there is no clear distinction nor an official nomenclature shared by the market: in general, "suspended lamps" are defined as those systems that give light only to a part of the room, and therefore need to be accompanied by additional lighting sources, while there is a tendency to call those light sources that illuminate the entire environment "chandeliers". However, this subdivision is not universally valid: in a large living room a chandelier with 12 light points may not be sufficient.

handcrafted pendant lamp in real brass Made in Italy

Another difference lies in the structure: the chandelier usually responds to a more classic vision, with a central body or a column from which the various arms depart, while the suspension lamp has a ceiling profile from which the various wires then branch out with light points, or a single adjustable light with an extendable tube.

The breakdown is therefore not so clear-cut, and the two terms are often interchanged in jargon.

Tips to effectively illuminate the living area

Thinking about the light points is a delicate phase in which it might be advisable to involve an expert light designer. The lighting sources positioned according to a well-studied project in fact give the whole that character and habitability that best suit your needs, to enhance your furniture as well as - a very important aspect in recent times - to make the most of the light also in terms of energy saving .

Before turning to a professional, here are some ideas to start conceiving the final result you want to achieve.

Lighting project for living room and kitchen: position of table, TV, sofa

Whether it's a kitchen, a living room, a living room or an open space, the first fundamental step is to analyze the distribution of key elements of everyday life - table, chairs, sofa, armchairs, TV, desk ... - or, if the house is undergoing a makeover, decide how these will be located. This will make it possible to reflect on the light requirements both from a functional and atmospheric point of view, and to prepare or intervene on the systems accordingly.

example of Made in Italy brass chandelier for living room

Pendant lamps or chandeliers: which style?

The second step is to identify the style of the chandelier or suspension lamp that best suits our taste. From modern and design suspension lamps to classic and vintage style chandeliers up to ethnic and handcrafted solutions, each of us has the duty to clarify our expectations in order to move towards the most appropriate choice.

The importance of the material

Together with the style and aesthetic form, it is also good to evaluate the material with which the suspension lamp or chandelier is made. Iron, brass, crystal, wood, metal, glass: each variant offers pros and cons , both in terms of quality and maintenance and resistance over time. For any clarification, contact your trusted supplier.

Brass chandeliers and pendant lamps: all the advantages

Have you chosen to buy a brass pendant lamp or living room chandelier? You're in the best hands: brass is in fact an eternal material not subject to transformations over time, except for the normal aging process which helps to further enhance its qualities.

Among the advantages of brass chandeliers and suspension lamps we point out:

  • Long lasting
  • They don't rust
  • Ease of cleaning and hygiene: the bacteria deposited on the brass do not last long!
  • Resistance to high and low temperatures and thermal shocks
  • Very malleable, brass can be easily worked by hand to obtain lamps and chandeliers with bespoke designs and motifs
  • Recyclability: brass is totally reusable and keeps its properties intact.

To take advantage of these benefits, it is advisable to make sure that the entire structure of the chandelier is in brass : the quality is drastically reduced if it is a product only galvanized in brass, but with a body made up of other alloys.

chandelier for living area with real brass structure handcrafted in Italy

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