Elegant marble bathroom: furnishing ideas

Elegant, resistant, with a timeless charm. Decades go by, but marble confirms itself as one of the greatest points of reference for the building world and, even more so, for the furnishing sector where it helps to give environments an unrivaled aesthetic refinement supported by an almost eternal duration .

Elegant, majestic, resistances. The eternity of marble

We have all happened to visit a house, or spend the evening in a public place, and when it comes to accessing the bathroom, we are overwhelmed by the beauty and majesty of marble . An often unexpected surprise: many restaurants and homes choose to set up a marble bathroom even though the other rooms respond to a completely different style, whether modern or rustic.

Additional proof of the indisputable advantages that marble brings to one of the most important spaces for personal care, as well as more subject to humidity and sudden changes in temperature: marble resists everything and is also very easy to clean , ensuring deep hygiene .

Luxury marble bathroom: the best brass furnishings

We now come to the subject of furnishing accessories. Among the materials that best lend themselves to complete a luxury marble bathroom or a classic style marble bathroom , brass stands out , a metal alloy obtained from copper and zinc known for its excellent performance and for the exceptional continuity over the years.

Wall mounted soap dish and toothbrush in brass in marble bath. Handmade in Italy

Opting for furnishing accessories and bathroom accessories in brass therefore means not only enriching the environment with iconic and resistant objects which, like marble, are suitable for places where there are important thermal variations, but also raising its status by transforming it into a perfect intimate hideaway. So here are some ideas for real brass bathroom furniture , from the creations of our Italian master craftsmen.

1) Brass soap dish and bathroom dispenser

From the magnificent Art Nouveau brass soap dish and toothbrush set to this vintage wall mounted brass combination , simplicity and elegance triumph, creating a worktop of incomparable prestige. All products are available in different finishes.

brass soap dish and toothbrush set, handcrafted in Italy

Discover all the brass soap dishes and dispensers .

2) Brass bathroom coat hanger and robe hook

Robe hooks and wall-mounted coat hangers are essential for keeping the bathroom tidy and for storing fabrics in a practical way, preventing them from getting damaged. Among the various models we highlight the double vintage brass wall-mounted robe hook from the Adele line , with delicate curves and also perfect for hotels and higher-category accommodation facilities. Easy to match, it gives the room a luxurious look.

Discover all the brass bathrobe hangers and bathroom hangers .

3) Brass bathroom roll holder

From the Art Nouveau style toilet brush with brass roll holder to this toilet paper holder also available in the polished chrome variant , all products are designed to keep their shape intact over the years and not rust or oxidize. Performance is guaranteed by 100% Italian craftsmanship and the selection of top quality raw materials.

Discover all the brass bathroom roll holders .

4) Brass bathroom console

For vintage lovers, how can you give up the chic brass bathroom consoles? An iconic functional and decorative object of yesteryear, also available in the 24K gold model with a practical towel rack , a truly unique jewel on the market and ideal for luxury bathrooms in villas and hotels.

brass console handcrafted in Italy

Discover all the brass bathroom consoles .

Your Made in Italy brass bathroom furnishings at home

All the products in our shop are handmade upon receipt of the order. For delivery times, please consult the individual product data sheets, as times may vary depending on the article, manufacturing and finishes .

For any need contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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