Industrial floor lamps: 4 ideas for your commercial spaces

Welcoming, charming, with a strong personality. These are three adjectives that clearly frame the industrial style , a furnishing trend based on the use of essential, vintage and sometimes recycled accessories and which for some years has been the subject of profound interest, especially for the furnishing of offices and commercial spaces.

Industrial style: what it is and when to choose it

With a captivating touch and at the same time sober and versatile, Industrial Style was born in the mid-1950s in the American context, when disused factories and warehouses began to be redeveloped and recovered for a new use in both private and public settings. It will take a few decades before the industrial style arrives in Europe, where from Italy to the Scandinavian countries it begins to gain ever greater popularity, conquering small and large businesses and finding particular appreciation thanks to its ability to revive and enhance objects that have now become obsolete .

But behind the success of the industrial style there is a mix of factors, which includes both a growing shared attention towards reuse and the circular economy , and a general appreciation towards its aesthetic peculiarities, where the winners are linearity, simplicity, 'eclecticism.

environment furnished in industrial style

The reasons that still push designers and clients to furnish an industrial style environment are many:

  • The industrial style allows you to give new life to objects, furniture and furnishing accessories that would otherwise fall into disuse
  • It is ideal when you need to give shape to large spaces without divisions such as abandoned warehouses, lofts, open spaces
  • It does not require particular finishes: exposed bricks, pipes, cables, imperfect painting, furnishings with defects are well contemplated
  • It allows you to unleash creativity and imagination, according to the motto "minimum expense, maximum return"
  • In the commercial sector it allows collaborators and the workforce to be involved in the displays, who can thus contribute to giving a personalized touch.

The result is a functional whole , where simplicity and essentiality are echoed by robust furnishings of the past with a unique imprint, for an original, warm and pleasant result to contemplate.

Ideas for lighting an industrial space

Lighting plays a primary role in setting up an industrial style space, and contributes to enriching it in taste and charm. Sometimes very little is needed, even in economic terms: it is sufficient to identify the suitable light sources and position them strategically to obtain the desired effect. This avoids having to plan expensive lighting systems well in advance, which have to be designed when there is still no full perception of how the environments will be used and experienced and which are often followed by repair work.

Among the lighting systems that go well with the Industrial Style are the timeless floor lamps : here is our selection.

1) Rustic Industrial Floor Lamp Adjustable Alice

Rustic industrial floor lamp created in Italy by our professional craftsmen, it is characterized by the use of a single 200 mm brass plate and the impeccable quality antique brass finish , for a vintage look that makes it ideal for both the home, both for offices, bars and restaurants.

adjustable industrial rustic floor lamp

The adjustable joints are very convenient , two for the height on the tube and one with a 90 degree vertical inclination on the brass plate. Also available with dark bronze and satin bronze finish.

All the details of the Rustic Industrial Floor Lamp Adjustable Alice

2) Brass Floor Lamp Adjustable With Linen Shade

Floor lamp with a perfect balance between elegance and antique, it boasts a solid metal structure that can be finished in your choice of satin bronze brass or antique brass. A touch of class is the fabric lampshade which creates a soft atmosphere and is able to highlight the top quality brass with the light. Easily directional.

All the details of the Brass Floor Lamp Adjustable With Linen Shade

3) Old Brass Floor Lamp Italian Industrial Oslo

With the quality brass frame finished in antique brass and the adjustable joints, this floor lamp is a stunning example of retro industrial style and will easily match any setting and colour. Seeing is believing!

All the details of the Old Brass Floor Lamp Italian Industrial Oslo

4) Industrial Floor Lamp Old Brass Marine Al Mare

We conclude our overview with the extraordinary Al Mare indoor floor lamp, which is characterized by its brass structure with antique brass finish and a marine style with timeless charm.

vintage industrial floor lamp in brass and marine style

To embellish this Italian artifact, the curved brass tube, a single 20 cm brass plate and the transparent pine cone-style glass. Also available in dark bronze and satin bronze finishes.

All the details of the Industrial Floor Lamp Old Brass Marine Al Mare

Industrial floor lamp: order your favorite model now

The industrial floor lamps we have just seen are included in the large catalog of Made in Italy brass floor lamps by Ghidini 1849, a historic family company in the province of Brescia.

To ensure the highest quality, all floor lamps are handcrafted by our craftsmen upon receipt of your order. Processing and delivery times vary on average from 10 to 25 days.

For any questions contact us without obligation.

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