Wall mounted brass soap dispenser: 4 finishes for a perfect bathroom

We have already dealt with the theme of the bathroom as an intimate corner , a refuge in which to rediscover one's privacy and indulge in relaxation for a few minutes away from the tasks related to family and work.

A new role, that of the bathroom, confirmed by the growing attention dedicated to the furnishing of this environment and the placing on the market of new constructive proposals and furnishings , aimed at expressing the personality of those who live the spaces every day and are looking for of solutions that respond to habits and at the same time donate thanks to the whole.

Among the bathroom accessories under the spotlight of the best designers in the world, the wall mounted soap dispensers stand out . Let's find out more.

Wall mounted soap dish, practicality and aesthetics for a welcoming and always clean bathroom

Featuring high practicality, wall hanging soap dishes are the preferred choice of millions of people, but also hotels, bars and restaurants .

In addition to leaving precious free space for the movement and for the temporary positioning of toiletries, the wall dispensers in fact greatly simplify cleaning operations , allowing you to sanitize tops and shelves with a single wipe. They are also easily removable, for a deep shine in both the liquid and solid soap versions.

photo brass design soap dispenser Made in Italy

Among the other advantages of the wall dispensers we highlight:

  • they fit perfectly into already furnished environments, without the need to revise their taste
  • thanks to the most modern solutions and the various finishes available, they are suitable for different styles, enhancing their value.

To complete the benefits, the extremely easy installation procedure , usually using two dowel screws.

Wall-mounted ceramic and brass soap dish: 4 trendy finishes

Our handcrafted production of ceramic and brass wall-mounted soap dishes consists of design items handmade by master craftsmen, leaving the customer the possibility to choose the finishes that best suit his bathroom.

Among the 4 most requested finishes for wall-mounted bathroom dispensers we point out:

  • Satin Bronze (OBS)
  • Antique Brass (OAS)
  • Chrome Plated (OCR)
  • 24K Gold Plated (ORO)

photo design bathroom soap holder in brass Made in Italy with chrome finish

Each finish aims to further enhance the workmanship of the furnishing accessory, which sees the use of the highest quality brass for the structure and the use of premium white ceramic for the dispensers and soap dishes . A top-of-the-range ensemble that is resistant over time, resistant to water and easy to clean.

To find out more, consult our guide to finishes , where you can find concrete examples for each type. For any clarification contact us .

Handcrafted brass dispensers and soap dishes Made in Italy: order online and receive at home

Ghidini 1849 is the Italian brand based in the province of Brescia specialized in the development and creation of handcrafted bathroom accessories . All products are designed to guarantee aesthetics and functionality, combining decorative aspects with the practical pluses that each of us needs in everyday life.

Our items are handmade upon receipt of the order. For most finishes the preparation and delivery period varies from 10 to 25 days, while for other finishes including chrome it takes 25 to 40 days.

In keeping with the historic nature of the company and our core business - i.e. the handcrafted creation of lamps and chandeliers, bathroom items, door handles - we favor brass finishes over painted or galvanized ones.

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