Contract lighting: what solutions?

Very important in the furnishing of a shop, a bar or a restaurant, lighting systems today take on the role of absolute protagonists. Light designers are well aware of this, called every day to design light systems for commercial areas with the aim, among other things, of giving personality to an environment and giving the right atmosphere .

It is in fact now known that making spaces welcoming and pleasant to live in increases the chances of success of a business, in synergy with the services offered and their quality: light not only contributes to giving the place aesthetic beauty, but also influences behavior of customers, impacting their actions, emotional perception and the way they interact with the offer.

Because light, as we know, is emotion as well as function.

contract lighting for commercial environments - example

Commercial activities: chandeliers, pendant lamps, spotlights or floor lamps?

The choice of lighting fixtures for bars, restaurants or shops must be made in relation to a series of factors, including the emphasis you wish to give to the goods on display or to the conviviality and relaxation areas set up for customers, the practicality for those who work there as well as the atmosphere you want to achieve. Lamps and chandeliers must also comply with the lighting requirements established by the regulations for workplaces.

We now come to the question that many ask themselves: for a bar, a shop or a restaurant, which lighting sources among chandeliers, pendant lamps, spotlights or floor lamps are most suitable?

brass pendant chandelier ideal for commercial establishments

There is no single answer: in many cases, multiple solutions are opted for at the same time , for example LED strips or spotlights that illuminate the back of the counter and shelves, and pendant lights positioned above the cash register or above the stools where customers sit. give yourself a coffee. From use that knows no bending, chandeliers and pendant lamps go well with environments furnished in both contemporary and industrial and retro styles, demonstrating great versatility and ability to give completeness to the whole; in this case, careful design work is necessary, possibly with the intervention of a good lighting engineer, to ensure that the various furnishing elements - including lights - are in harmony with each other.

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Finally, if you want to transform your restaurant into a romantic meeting point, you can opt for soft general lighting and equip each station with suggestive table lamps : and intimacy is guaranteed!

And the floor lamps ? Suitable for shops where furniture and design objects are displayed, before being positioned in a bar or restaurant it is advisable to study their location in depth to avoid them being an obstacle to operational tasks and the passage of customers.

Lighting for shops, bars and restaurants. The timeless quality of brass

Widely used in environments such as bars, restaurants, shops, brass owes its success to precise characteristics that make it particularly suitable for environments with large crowds and where high levels of humidity may occur. Among the peculiarities of brass stand out:

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Very malleable, it can be easily shaped to obtain unique products and give the venue an exclusive touch
  • It is hygienic: it inhibits the proliferation of germs and bacteria
  • Simple to clean, only a soft, dry cloth is needed
  • It is a good conductor of heat
  • Recyclable: brass can be melted and reformed almost infinitely
  • It has acoustic properties: it is in fact used for the production of musical instruments.

Durable over time, brass items are also very easy to clean: to dust, simply wipe with a soft, dry cloth, and enjoy the natural aging that over the years gives brass that vintage look sought after by many.

brass lighting body - Italian artisan quality - ideal for bars, restaurants and shops

Are you looking for top quality brass lighting systems for your business , of Italian manufacture and handmade by skilled craftsmen? Consult our catalog and discover the best solution for your spaces!

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