Rustic ceiling lights: useful tips

In recent years there has been a strong return of the rustic as a furnishing style for your home. In reality, a taste that has never gone out of fashion, but which today seems to have rediscovered a vivacity and an exceptional ability to give completeness even to modern homes located in a city context.

A cottage within everyone's reach, therefore, which rises from what was once a condition practically relegated to country cottages and mountain huts to a constantly evolving trend that is easy to adapt to any constructive circumstance.

Furnishing the house in a rustic style: tips and mistakes to avoid

But what are the best practices for creating a rustic-style home that never goes out of style? And what are the mistakes not to be made? Here are some tips:

  • Wood , stone , iron , antiqued brass are the materials par excellence of the rustic style. Make sure that they are predominant already in the design phase: raw wood and stone are, together with terracotta and travertine, ideal for flooring, while iron, antiqued brass and wood are perfect for furniture and furnishing accessories;
  • For the color of the interior walls, opt for white or neutral shades, avoiding bright colors. Then identify a wall or a partition to be covered with real bricks: this will allow you to create a sober and at the same time extremely graceful and convincing contrast;
  • Choose to install a built-in kitchen , possibly equipped with a corner fireplace, in a rustic or shabby chic design;
  • If you decide for wooden furniture , make sure it is as natural as possible: the more its original texture is enhanced, the better!
  • Add a touch of greenery, placing a plant, a few pots and, why not, some splendid cactus specimens in each compartment;
  • Carefully select the furnishing accessories: from candles to curtains, from vases to paintings, from copper pots to carpets to soft lights, everything must speak the language of rustic and antiqued.

rustic-style home: furnishing ideas and mistakes to avoid

But be careful not to get carried away: rustic does not mean a random mixture of objects! For a chic result it is good to stick to a minimal spirit, slowly studying the arrangement of the contents and avoiding the temptation to fill the house with the superfluous. And your environments will gain in elegance and airiness!

Light between aesthetics and functionality: rustic ceiling lights in brass Made in Italy

We now come to the light component, which is fundamental both in terms of functionality and to increase the sense of welcome that guests will perceive when they come to visit us. But how to adequately illuminate a rustic-style house, and how to choose models of chandeliers or ceiling lights that can enhance the atmosphere?

We have selected some of the best-selling rustic brass ceiling lights handcrafted in Italy :

Alice industrial style antiqued brass ceiling light

Industrial ceiling lamp ideal for rustic rooms and to give a touch of rural poetry to homes, offices, restaurants, bars, pubs. Performance and durability over time are guaranteed by the brass structure, with an antique brass finish. The adjustable joint with vertical inclination of 90 degrees is very practical.

Discover the Alice industrial style aged brass ceiling light .

Premium antiqued brass country ceiling light

Country ceiling lamp with metal body and top quality antiqued brass finish, handcrafted by our Italian craftsmen. Perfectly in tune with the rustic decor, it has 90 degree adjustable shades to easily direct the light according to the occasion.

Country ceiling lamp in premium antiqued brass Made in Italy

Check out the premium antiqued brass country ceiling light .

Ceiling lamp with adjustable cone and Sofia white glass

Industrial design ceiling lamp that gives a vintage taste to your environments, from the living room to the kitchen to the master bedroom and the tavern. Designed with an adjustable joint with a 90 degree inclination on the glass holder, to orient the light source according to needs.

Discover the ceiling lamp with adjustable cone and Sofia white glass .

Brass lamps and chandeliers made in Italy: buy online!

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