Wall lights, spotlights, chandeliers: how to choose the perfect light for the bedroom

Increase the comfort of the bedroom? Easy and fulfilling, with the right lighting!

Often intended for the classic central chandelier and two bedside lampshades, the master bedroom is increasingly at the center of audacious lighting designs that have the dual purpose of enhancing the beauty of the furnishings and making the room even more welcoming.

If once the bedroom was mainly used for rest at night, today it does not fail to accommodate toilet furniture, armchairs for relaxation or even freestanding bathtubs. A renewed use of spaces that has brought out new perspectives linked to light points, which are now entrusted with the double responsibility of guaranteeing the right visibility and at the same time giving relaxation.

Let's find out together some tricks to set up your bedroom with adequate lighting sources .

Double room: chandelier yes, chandelier no?

A chandelier in the bedroom always has its reason. Whether it's the traditional chandelier or a suspension lamp , the double room lends itself well to a central light source, useful for illuminating the room especially for when you make a quick stop during the day, perhaps to make the bed or put the ironed clothes.

contemporary style brass chandelier in the bedroom

For particularly large spaces, you can also opt for two chandeliers, to be installed at a sufficient distance so as to obtain a homogeneous diffusion of light.

The idea of the chandelier doesn't appeal to you? You can replace it with a ceiling light , or do without it by supporting its absence with other light sources, such as floor lamps or wall sconces.

Wall lights or spotlights? Tricks to illuminate the master bedroom

Sconces and spotlights are a valid alternative or addition to the central chandelier. Both particularly functional and increasingly aesthetically pleasing elements, they are widely used to improve lighting starting from a precise point - for example the headboard of the bed - and, in the case of spotlights, to direct the light exactly as desired.

And that's not all: wall lights can even replace lampshades , while spotlights are increasingly used today as the primary light source of the room instead of the chandelier. In this regard, we suggest paying attention to the intensity of the light: the LED spotlights on the market almost all have high brightness, while what could be more beautiful in the bedroom than being able to enjoy a soft and relaxing atmosphere?

handcrafted brass wall sconce with antiqued brass finish. Ideal for bedroom and living room

Floor lamps: are they good for the bedroom?

Have you decided to furnish your bedroom with a relaxing armchair in which you can sit down to read or simply rest? Then you may need a floor lamp , an inseparable companion for moments of relaxation in complete peace.

Abat-jour and other sources of lighting

So is it better to say goodbye to lampshades? Of course not! If we prefer not to drill holes in the walls to install wall lights, lampshades are the ideal choice for our bedside table, providing us with the necessary light for example when we want to read before going to bed or when we wake up in the middle of the night.

With a shape similar to that of the lampshades, the table lamps deserve a mention , to be taken into consideration even in the event that a console for make-up or a desk is positioned in the room, as often happens in hotel rooms .

desk and bedside table lamp in brass and white fabric, for private rooms and hotels

Let's complete our overview dedicated to the lighting of the double bedroom with LED strips , very popular and able to give the room a decidedly scenic touch! Whether it's a bar positioned behind the headboard, under the bed or along the walls, LED strips are easily available in a wide range of variations and colors (warm light, cold light, RGB).

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