How to light up a gazebo? Ideas and suggestions

The warm season is approaching, and with it comes the desire to enjoy the outdoor areas of your home in the name of light-heartedness and relaxation.

Among the reference points for experiencing the garden, the gazebo is confirmed in the very first places for aesthetic performance, simplicity of installation and freedom of management: given its removable nature, the gazebo in fact does not require building permits , representing the perfect alternative to pergolas and structures from which a permanently closed surface is obtained.

Therefore, if for the first time you have chosen to buy a gazebo or to refresh the current one, here are some tips for effective lighting capable of fulfilling its practical function and at the same time embellishing your shelter with a touch of elegance outside.

Outdoor gazebo lighting: ideas and suggestions

From the type of lamp to attention to the visual impact up to important technical details to take into consideration, to follow some indications to orient yourself in the choice of lamps and chandeliers for gazebos.

1) Use outdoor lamps

The first suggestion we want to give you is to use a specific lamp for outdoors , specifically designed for spaces subject to sudden changes in temperature and exposed to the elements. Precisely for this reason we invite you to choose stainless lamps and chandeliers , i.e. with certified resistance to oxidizing and corrosive agents; in this sense, brass represents an excellent solution.

This also applies if the light source is adequately covered by the gazebo; humidity, oxygen and other disturbing particles travel in the air very quickly, even reaching areas that are thought to be protected.

brass outdoor suspension lamp, ideal for gazebos

Among the most popular and refined models, the outdoor suspension lamps undoubtedly stand out , which create points of light and at the same time decorate and furnish the environment.

2) Choose a waterproof lamp

Another factor to take into account is that of the protection class of the lamp. IP44 lighting fixtures are ideal , which guarantee resistance over time and whose abbreviation indicates:

  • protection against solid foreign bodies with a diameter of 1 mm and above
  • protection against splashes of water from all directions.

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3) Opt for energy saving light bulbs

The third element concerns the technology with which the light source is made. From an energy saving point of view, we invite you to opt for LED bulbs , which in addition to considerably reducing consumption, have a much longer life over time and, unlike incandescent and fluorescent lamps, generate much less heat, thus placing themselves as a safe answer in the if you have children and the lamp is easily accessible.

4) Provide the protection cage

Are there lively children in the family who like to play with the ball? Choosing an outdoor lamp model equipped with a bulb protection cage is a very wise decision that will avoid frequent replacement of the light source and above all the risk of children getting hurt.

brass outdoor suspension lamp with protective cage

5) Study the ideal atmosphere for your gazebo

Last tip but certainly not in order of importance is to reflect on the type of atmosphere we want to give to our gazebo , also based on the use we make of it: reading corner? Intimate shelter for lunches and dinners with friends? Area for aperitifs and after dinner drinks?

Depending on the use of the gazebo, we can direct our purchase to pendant lamps or chandeliers that offer a soft and suffused or brighter light. The mise en place can in any case be completed with table lamps that will help make your setting even more welcoming.

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Outdoor lamps and gazebo chandeliers in brass

To light up your gazebo, rely on the indestructibility and timeless charm of real solid antique brass : choose your favorite model of outdoor pendant lamps handcrafted by our master craftsmen and receive them comfortably at home; and your garden will be embellished with a touch of original 100% Italian manufacturing !

All the pendant lamps in the catalog are made manually upon receipt of the order, with the desired finish among those available.

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